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Can you really have too much Frozen?
I'll admit I already have the bluray/dvd version of this. But why not have a spare disc in case you lose it, right? Anyway I like that they have the words for the songs with a bouncing snowflake to follow. Sure, you could put on subtitles but this way the words are only up on the screen during the songs. Also, there is the option to just play the songs without playing the entire movie in the special features section which is nice if you like the songs but don't want to sit through the whole movie.

Disney's magical Snow Queen animated musical/fairy tale DVD
I won't be repeating what many have said about the story, all I say is that is a new and different approach to the typical fairy tale.
Inspired by events and characters in Hans Christian Andersen tale The Snow Queen, is a must have in your Disney DVD collection or animated movies collection. With wonderful songs and performances and visually stunning details of snow and ice everywhere is a delight to the ears and eyes.

A true classic and unique story with the usual Disney brand of humor, warmth, BUT a surprising twist and a different kind of happy ending that will delight every member of your family.
The movie's pacing or rhythm is very well done, you and your children won't be bored at all always anticipating what's to come next. It does not have a dull moment.

The DVD includes the animated new Mickey Mouse short Get A Horse, music video of Demi Lovato's version of the Academy Award song Let It Go, as well as the Latin Spanish and Italian versions of it by the actress/singer Martina Stoessel. Also several Disney movies shorts of current and upcoming movies on DVD., and the original teaser short with Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer. DVD settings include French language (Canadian) and Spanish (Latin American)., as well as subtitles in those languages, and of course in English.

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